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Tele and Bananas

Title: Tele and Bananas
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Rating: teen
Word count: 223

They’re sitting on a small couch in a TV studio, waiting for the final prep for their first tele interview since the Doctor entered Pete’s world. The Doctor is practically vibrating with excitement, so much that to keep him still until the crew is ready Rose sits in his lap. He is not upset by this. He is more upset when she shifts to sit beside him when the crew gives the signal that they are ready to go. The light turns green, and the cameras roll.

The Doctor does reasonably well on camera. He’s happy, talkative, and really quite charming. And flirtatious. Very flirtatious. However, the flirting is mainly restricted to Rose, who is happy to reciprocate. She even goes so far as to bring out a banana that she had hidden in her purse before she left home and peeling it. Very. Slowly. The Doctor can’t tear his eyes away. When Rose finally bites into the banana, gazing heatedly at the Doctor all the while, the Doctor requests a commercial break. The cameras stop, and the Doctor turns to Rose only to see her first just barely nibble on the tip of the banana, and then shove nearly half its length into her mouth all at once.

When the show comes back, the Doctor and Rose are nowhere to be seen.

Tags: david tennant, fluff, original work, rose tyler
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Hah! wonderful
Thank you, hon!
That was so perfect and them and I loved it!
Hehee, short and sweet and just like them ;)